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Insurance Claim Tips
  1. The Insurance Adjuster will normally call you to make an appointment. Be sure to get the adjuster’s name and telephone number. If needed, we will meet with your adjuster. We can be very useful in this process.

  2. If the roof is approved, the Homeowner will receive a check for an estimated fifty percent of the claim.

  3. If you have a mortgage on your home, the first check will be made out to the homeowner and the Mortgage Company. Contact your Mortgage Company and ask for the Insurance Department or the Loss Draft Department for details on their process to get the first check endorsed. DO NOT sign the check unless the mortgage company requires you to do so.

  4. Contract with a reputable Roofing Company that is familiar with the insurance process. Any credible Roofing Company will agree to do the installation for what the insurance company agrees to pay for the roof replacement plus your deductible. If they are willing to do the job for less, especially when there is more work than most can handle, then it is probably a sign that they are forced to sell on price alone; this situation is usually an indication of quality or cash-flow problems.

    If anyone suggests that you "make money" on the roof installation, this is Insurance Fraud and you and the other participant could become involved in a lot of trouble. The Insurance Companies, due to the heavy losses sustained in the last few years, are constantly monitoring the claims to protect themselves and their policyholders.

  5. Call your Salesman when the first check comes in from the Mortgage Company. The first check is due as down payment when material arrives at the jobsite. Please check the materials to verify the color.

  6. Upon completion, your Roofing Salesman will do a final inspection on the job and go over the checklist with you. Please note any items that need attention (if any). If your Mortgage Company has requested a final inspection, call them now.

  7. The final bill will be faxed or mailed directly to the insurance company if requested by the owner, and a copy will be sent to the Homeowner.

  8. Upon receipt of the final insurance check, the invoice is due. Please contact your Roofing Salesman to pick up the final check.

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