Commercial services

Residential services

Commercial Buildings get a great new look with Andrus!

When it comes to commercial roofing, we are the best fit to make sure you maintain revenue and not worry about the roof over your head. And because we have been in Amarillo for more than 30 years, we are a go-to resource for your roofing needs.

Metal Roofs
We install several metal roof products, including Astonwood Shakes, Alfa Metal roof, and others. Some of these products also carry the impact resistant ratings resulting in some possible insurance premium discounts.

Metal Roof Coatings
Our commercial roof coatings are attractive, waterproof, and flexible for many years of protection. We also do commercial metal roof coatings.
If your roof has suffered hail dents, it may have actual damage that can lead to rapid deterioration due to metal fatigue. We can help.

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